Friday, June 20, 2014

Dramatic 4 year Olds.

Dramatic 4 year olds
Opal, High Rock Mustang, 4 1/2 years old. 

What do my mustang and my daughter have in common?  They are both in their 4 year old year....and have a tendency to be a little dramatic sometimes.  My Daughter is usually dramatic because I've told her no for some "no, you can't go climbing over the pasture fence to see the donkey."

Yesterday I stopped by to give the 3 mares psyllium before my lessons started, just a quick 'hello girls, enjoy your yummies' sort of drop by.  Came back after my lessons were over and got a call from my vet saying she was home if I wanted to bring Opals paperwork by for her to fill out, so I jumped back into my car for the second time without taking Opal out.  I guess you Opal found this completely unacceptable as once I returned, she did this to Ehawee's halter and lead rope.  Opal could not reach hers, but I think she was trying to make a point.

I think she wants out....just a hunch.

After the girls time out, Opal did this with her bucket.

Ok, Ms. Drama Queen, I hear you.

Today I brought Opal a toy/treat in one.  She enjoyed the treat part, time will tell if she decided to play with it or not.   

MMMMMMM, Carrots, my favorite.

While they are in their own stalls now, they have no shortage of time out.  They get lounged and/or turned out daily.  In another month we should be ready to start riding again.


Emerald is getting great at putting her fly mask on.....and taking it off.  I don't know if she has help taking it off, or shes just clever.  I put it on each afternoon, and each morning its in her stall, on the floor....I'm going to have to watch her the next time I'm at the barn all day....clever girl.

Each day I take Emmy for a little walk, venturing further around the barn.  She's been in each arena now, including the covered arena, as well as through the trail course.  Emmy really likes bathes and with it being warm that's fine with me.  

 Drink up!

She (and my girls for that matter) have become very attached to Ranger, Tami's mustang gelding.  Emmy gets upset when he walks away from her in his pasture, but shes getting over it.  Ehawee and Emmy have now worked out who's calling the shots in the barn....its Ehawee...and Emmy seems to be ok with that.

Today I lounged Emmy over some pool noodles.  Noodles are a fun tool to have for training.  They can make a 'car wash' for a trail course, be used for poles, work with a horse on being touched while keeping a safe distance, the list goes on.  Emmy nosed them around for a bit before I set up and 'L' for her to step over.  She jumped the first time and looked at the noodle, but after that she worked over them with ease.  Another warm day ended with her getting rinsed off and water play.  

 Working on the Friendly game and 'follow the leader'.

My big helper assisting in cleaning up after my training session with Emmy.


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