Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nearly 2 Months Later....

Nearly 2 Months Later....

It has been a very busy 2 months.  All the Holiday's and Family time are consuming as is, but then add moving on top of that.  Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, I'm just now getting back to a normal swing in life here.  Training is starting to pick up since I am much closer to the horses now. 

Today was a pretty busy day full of working horses, lessons, a bath for one palomino, clipping, pictures, and cleaning tack.  Opal and I are in the Winter Horsemanship Challenge again this winter.  We're already at a half way point in it, and have a lot of riding coming up to finish it.  Moving killed my time last month.

Sometimes training opportunities just present themselves.  Some rogue Valentine's Day balloons found their way onto the roof over Opal's stall.  Needless to say they were taken down only to be tied to the fence so she could figure out they wouldn't eat well as Ehawee and Emerald. MOM?

Ehawee is plugging right along.  She's a bit chunky right now on a grass only diet, so she's getting worked more frequently.

Emerald is starting to show more brains these days.  YAY!  Today she was lounged on the long lounge line in the big arena.  It was more oval shaped lounging versus a circle, but over all she did very well.  Her manners are also coming along and she's acting less like a 'baby'.

Big arena lounging.

12 week challenge
(40 hours and 30 rides in 12 weeks)
Total hours: 14H 15M
Rides: 12