Sunday, March 16, 2014

Challenge Finished.

Challenge Finished. 
 On top of the hill for our 30th challenge ride.

Day 90/91/92/93/94/95:

Phew!  Its been a busy week and a half, time kept getting away from me and my postings.  However, I should be back on track this week.  Most of my last few rides and sessions have been with both mares.  Working on them walking together, gearing them up to have Opal pony Ehawee.  Most rides were shorter as to keep them happy with each other in close quarters.  They seem to be catching on quickly.  The results was a nice little ride around the arena.

 Ponying in the arena.


Opal and I also finished our 12 week riding challenge this week with 30 rides and 55 horsemanship hours!  This has really taught me something about her.  She's not an arena horse.  in fact, she really doesn't like it all that much.  She listens, but given the chance she will walk right into the center of the ring and stop.  No glitzy western pleasure classes for us.  She's also not the fastest mover, while I can get her to move out, it takes a lot of work, so I guess no serious gymkhana for us either.  

I am fine with not doing either of those.  I think she's going to be a great trail and trail trial horse.  I can't wait to discover exactly what lights her up. 

The mares both had their feet done this week as well.  Opal only had an attitude on her last leg, which is a good improvement.  Ehawee's hoof is all better and there's only the slightest bit of the cut on her hoof from her injury January 2013.  I'm so glad she pulled through that.

With the weather being warmer, and Opal just now starting to shed, I braided her mane today and hosed off her legs to help keep her cool.  It was VERY sunny and 75 out today (YAY!  No more winter!)

 First time with a braid and lots of fluff coming off.

Opal also gave one of my students Sarah a ride today.  The two of them had a nice ride.  Even if Opal didn't want to ride the rail and would have preferred socializing with her friend Mustang Sancho, owned by Mairalaina Batoog.

 Sarah riding Opal.

Ehawee is still working with Linda on ground work, and the two of them have started to work on lounging!  Ehawee goes through the motions, but Linda is thrilled with the slightest improvement in her personal performance and is a wonderful student.  Ehawee also gives rides a few days a week to her loving kid, my Daughter.  She loves her pony.  We're practicing our riding skills for a lead line class in a few weekends.  

 Riding Ehawee.

12 week challenge 
Total hours: 55
Rides: 30

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 rides to go!

10 rides to go!

Giving loves from the fence.

Day 87/88/89:

Well, we got hit with a lot of rain over several days.  Don't get me wrong, we need it, it just kills my riding time and resurrects stall mucking time.  I love the rain, just not the mess it makes.  However, when life gives you lemons, throw one back and say 'Fine!  I'll do my OWN thing!'

 Much needed rain brings not so much needed mud.
Big puddles in the arena, avoid riding or training tool?  As long as the footing is ok (I always walk the arena after a rain) I say use it to your advantage.  The other option is to run a hose for hours during the summer, and that's wasteful, and we're in a drought.  Opal and I have had a few rides over the week and a half, but I managed to shoot a video of her ride today.  We hit ride #20 for our challenge, only 10 more to go!  Most of our rides are spent working to keep her on the rail in the direction I'm wanting her to go and not the way she want to go.  She also listens well to my Daughter when she rides.  

12 week challenge 

Total hours: 45
Rides: 20

Ehawee is coming around nicely and is due to have her feet trimmed this month, which will remove the last little chip from her injury last January.  My Daughter loves her pony.