Monday, September 30, 2013

Jog / Trot

Jog / Trot 

 She's not grumpy, she just always has her ears moving.

Yvette was able to grab a video of our first jog/trot yesterday for me (BIG THANK YOU TO YVETTE!)  as well as one of the horse course rounds.  It's a challenge to video and photograph while I ride.  While there were some communication differences, I'm extremely pleased with how Opal did for her first time at the jog / trot.  I chose to post Opal's trot (as I do many beginner horses) because it was a bit choppy and I didn't want to give her a negative experience of a rider bouncing on her back.  We will work on the package first, then me sitting her trot.  

As soon as either blogspot or youtube let me copy the link to the video, I will post it here.  I'm not sure which is causing the occasional issue, but it's annoying.  For now, its on my facebook page.

The jog and trot have the same 2 beat, diagonal movement, but there are differences.  A trot is a faster movement used in english riding mostly.  The riders typically post the trot, rising and falling with the forward movement.  A jog is the slower gait used in western riding and the rider sits the jog absorbing the movement with their body.

I've ridden english since I was 12 and rode western the 12 years prior to that.  I have an english horse and a western horse, but I stick to my english terminology mostly our of habit.

In this video I am helping Yvette's daughter and her daughter's 
horse Tesoro.  Opal was playing follow the leader.

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