Monday, September 30, 2013

New Adventures

New Adventures 

 I love the face she gives me when she sticks her nose out.

Day 42:

It's another cool but sunny day at the ranch.  Our adventure for the day was walking down the road a few hundred yards to a ranch that was hosting a combined western and english dressage show.  Two other horses accompanied Opal on the trip, Tesoro and Whiskey (owned by the Mendoza family).  The walk over went smoothly, I was hoping to have a motorcycle cross our path, but that will have to wait for another day.

 Heading over to the show.

 As we approached the show parking and arena, Opal became very intrigued with the show horses prancing around in the arena.  She stood very tall, but silent for several moments before she decided grazing on the dead grass was more appealing.  

 Watching the dressage show.

It was another great adventure for Opal.

Day 43:

It was another beautiful day and being that it was the weekend, I was hoping to see more motorcycles and get Opal use to them.  We rode in the horse course with Tesoro.  I had her stand near the arena rail closest to the main road, hoping for more motorcycles.  Thirty minutes passed and no motorcycles.  I knew the moment I got on, a fleet of them would come by, but I didn't have all day.  My plan was to work a few of the easier obstacles with Opal, see how she would do.  

Sure enough about 10 minutes after being in the saddle, motorcycles.  I halted Opal about 20 feet off the rail that paralleled the main road.  She stood perfectly still and watched them as they went by.  Which was awesome!  Opal was wanting to follow Tesoro through the horse course, so I let her.  She did every obstacle from the bridge to the pit and even the teetering platform!  They weren't all pretty or polished, but she was more than willing to do them which is all that matters at this point.


Riding through the horse course.

One time coming down the hill she picked up a trot.  I ha;ted her quietly after a few steps.  At the end of our session she was really moving out in her walk so I urged her into the trot again.  Again, it wasn't polished, but it was fun for us both.  She felt like she was really having a good time.  I can hardly wait to ride her tomorrow.


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