Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Show Time!

Show Time! 

Lots of ribbons.
Day 20:

Sunday the barn I board my girls at had a Play day horse show for the boarders and kids.  There was a lot going on with setting up, kids running around having a good time, and of course the classes themselves.  

 Setting up the canopies.  They can be scary sometimes. 

The kids had been busy in the arena setting up a horse course for the kids to play in, but several of us took our horses in to see what they had created.  First challenge was getting into the arena, as there was pompoms and pool noodles outside the ring.  The noodles didn't bother Opal, but the shinny metallic pompoms blowing in the breeze did.  By bother, I should say she just wasn't willing to enter the ring, she stood there checking them out and listening to them flap in the breeze.  She did eventually walk in the arena with me.

 Pompoms and noodles.

There were several of us showing, including two horses and their owners who I work with.

 Sarah with her horses Satin (left) and Gypsy (middle), both mustangs.
Angie with her horse Tesoro (left).

 Sarah and I took entered the arena with Satin and Opal to check out what the kids had built.  We were also in the In-Hand Trail Trail class together. 

 A ring of bubble wands, perfect for walking around and blowing bubbles near your equine friend.
Watch the eyes though.

Opal was a champ in the In-Hand Trail Trial class, preforming each obstacle with ease.  She won first place in her class and High Point In-Hand Adult division for the day!  

 Opal's ribbons and score sheet.

Sarah with her horses and Angie with her horse went on to receive ribbons as well.  Everyone who showed that day put forth great efforts.  Looking forward to the next show. 


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