Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some work, Some fun.

Some work, Some fun.
 Enjoying some time out on the ranch.

Day 26:

I groomed Opal and got her into the surcingle.  I wanted to lounge her with side reins so she could get use to some pressure on the bit.  I walked into the round pen, or tried to.  Opal wasn't really wanting to work in there.  I ended up having to back her right up to it before turning her around to walk in.  Hey, there's more than one way to get things accomplished.  I hooked up the side reins on the longest setting.  I sent her out at a walk for a few laps, then asked her to trot out.  At first she mouthed with the bit a lot but a few moments later she had a nice slobber around her mouth going, meaning she was working with the bit not resisting it.  Her herd mates were out grazing, so Opal kept wanting to stop and visit at the gate, but with a little encouragement she kept going.

 Working with side reins and standing at the tie pole.

Day 27:

Opal has been making some amazing progress, and since she's getting a break for a short while, I decided to play in the arena with her today.  We worked on carrot stretches, stretching her back and neck, and following me around the arena as I went over or through obstacles.  I will pick up with her progress shortly.  Until then, she gets a much deserved break.  

 Grazing with herd-mates.

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