Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to work.

Back to work. 
Lake Powell Family time!
Tigger is my daughters favorite, but watching "Uncle" Jon dance is a close second.
 Princess Tea time with Papa's and a Zebra ride for my niece.

Day 28:

Hi there!  I'm so glad to finally be home.  I love vacations with my family, weddings, birthdays, Disneyland trips and all, but 22 days away from my mares is a long time.  I missed them.  Both mares greeted me at the fence.  Once they were turned out by our pasture mate Sarah (owner of Gypsy and Satin) they worked their way around the ranch grazing.  Ehawee stayed with me long enough to get a few carrots and some loves then decided the grass was greener and off she went.  On a good note with her, her hoof is looking amazing and we might be able to start working again with her, YAY!

Happy mares grazing on grass.

Opal was more interested in staying RIGHT WITH ME, or near me to keep an eye on where I was.  Even while working with her a bit today, she had to be right next to me.  She even was turning her hind to other horses who came near me as if saying "No, this is my Mom, and its my turn, go away." 

 Mom, whatcha doin?  Mom, Mom, MOM!  Hi!

She was much more willing to do things today.  Leading was a piece of cake back to her pasture, she walked through puddles with only stopping to give the water a sniff, she even let me hose her off!  *GASP*  We watched her friend Amigo (owned by Greg) getting hosed off before I started hosing her off.  She didn't care for her back being hosed off and didn't really stand well for that, but hey, its an improvement, so I'll take it.  

See Opal, Amigo likes it.

 How many days does it take for Opal's mane to get dreads in it?  4 - 22 days.  How long does it take to get 2 dreads out of her mane?  5 minutes with cowboy magic.

 No more tangles!
Opal was not shy on loves today.  Lots of kisses, nuzzles and following me around at will.  Ehawee was just content grazing, she knows I always come home.  Best part about Opal letting me hose her off, she turned into a mud ball!  Not that you can really tell, the sand is the same color as her coat :)


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